Equipment Rentals

True Rentals LLC offers a vast selection of miscellaneous tools and machinery rental for your next project. We deliver on every project that we take on by providing excellent customer service, affordable prices, and unmatched machinery rental. Our pride lies in delivering efficient and affordable assistance. For more information about our miscellaneous tools and machinery rental, get in touch with True Rentals LLC, today!
Name Horsepower Weight Cab
Kobelco SK17SR 14.5 3,681 Open
Kobelco 55 37 11600 Open
Case 650M LT 68 16405 Cabbed
Case CX80C 55.2 18800 Cabbed
Case 750M Dozer 92-96 210000 Cabbed
John Deere 35G 23 8100 Open
John Deere 50G 36 10800 Open
John Deere 317G Skid 65 8400 Open
John Deere 325G Skid 70-74 9500 Cabbed
16' Dump Trailer N/A N/A
Skid Forks N/A N/A
Skid Rock Auger Bit 9' N/A N/A
Skid Rock Auger Bit 12' N/A N/A
Rammer (for 50G only) 600 N/A
Skid Grapple N/A N/A
Equipment Trailer 18,000 N/A