Inflatable Jumpers & Slides

Do you need inflatables for your next party or event? True Rentals LLC has everything you need. Our rental jumpers are perfect for your party, school events, festivals, and a lot more! Included in our party and rental jumpers are inflatables and a wide selection of party supplies. Make your party a great experience with our rental jumpers services. To learn more about our services, contact us at True Rentals LLC, today!

ID Inflatable Colors
TFR001 Large 2 Lane Slide with Pool Blue; Red; Yellow
TFR002 Bounce House 1 Blue; Red; Orange; Yellow; Green
TFR003 Bounce House with Slide and Pool Purple; Green; Yellow; Orange
TFR004 Bounce House with Slide and Pool Blue; Red; Yellow
TFR005 Bounce House with Slide Blue; Red; Yellow
TFR006 Large Blue Wave 2 Lane Water Slide Blue; Silver
TFR007 Bounce House & 2 Lance Water Slide Blue; Red; Silver
TFR008 Bounce House & Slide Blue; Light Blue; Yellow; Red
TFR009 Incredibles Slide Light Blue; Orange; Yellow
TFR010 Obstacle Course with Slide Blue; Yellow; Silver; Red
TFR011 Small Blue Wave Blue; Silver
TFR012 Black Single Lane Slide Black, Blue, Silver